65th Locarno International Film Festival (Première) 2012
36th Göteborg International Film Festival 2012
22nd Flicker Fest 2012
4th Milwaukee Shorts 2012
5th Go Shorts 2012
6th Lviv International Short Film Festival 2012
1st Open Place Baltic States International Short Film Festival 2012

Mirakel utmed riksväg 43 (The route 43 Miracle)
dir. Ronnie Sandahl – 15 min. – fiction
Sweden, 2012


Director: Ronnie Sandahl
Production: Cinenic Film
Producer: Annika Hellström, Cinenic Film
Cast: Magnus Roosmann, Marina Nyström, Eivin Dahlgren


Holger Johansson is a very lonely man. Before it’s too late, there’s something he needs to get off his chest: a secret to reveal. The time has come to unfold the story of what happened that night, fifteen years ago – the night a miracle took place at a dreary concrete motel somewhere along Route 43. “The Route 43 Miracle” is a humorous yet bittersweet tale of a lonesome Swedish man’s longing for something worthwhile, a point of it all, a glimmer of hope that it wasn’t all for nothing.