Best Film Music at 27th Kinotavr Open Russia Film

Ruzbudi menya (Wake Me Up)
dir. Guillaume Protsenko – 90 min. – fiction
Russia, 2016


Director: Guillaume Protsenko
Production: CineTrain
Producers: Tatiana Petrik, Andrei Yepifanov
Cast: Irina Verbitskaya, Kirill Pirogov, Konstantin Lavronenko, Daniil Vorobyov,
Alexandra Rebenok, Ilya Drevnov, Yevgeni Grishkovets, Yelena Moroz


Modern Moscow. The young girl Zhenya works at the passport control in the airport. A year and a half year ago her boyfriend, Andrei, went abroad and vanished. And now she cannot think of anybody but him. In this state, she develops a strange gift: “prophetic” dreams. Gradually Zhenya becomes part of the criminal world that surrounds her, and without realising it, plays a significant role in it. Thanks to her gift she knows the future better than anyone else and thinks she can change it. Between dream and reality, Zhenya believes she can trick destiny and save her new love from disaster, but is that really possible?