Les Vampires by Louise Feuillade
Episodes 3 and 4 (Live Score)
Novembre 7-8, 2015
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Rome, Italy


Original music composed by: Giorgio Giampà
Performed live by: Giorgio Giampà and Gabriele Campagna
Drawings by: Andrea Ferraris


The Red Codebook – While escaping his captors, the reporter steals the Vampires’ coded diary, which he attempts to decipher in order to trap them. The Grand Vampire, the gang’s leader, sends Irma Vep, a glamorous cabaret singer and his merciless agent, to recover it. The woman gets herself hired as a maid in the Guérande household…
The Spectre – The Grand Vampire rents a flat fitted with a secret entrance to a businessman named Moreno with the intention of robbing him. Moreno, however, is a shrewd criminal himself and is soon in competition with the Vampires. The pitiless Irma Vap has infiltrated a bank in the guise of a secretary in order to kill an old bank clerk tasked with transferring a large sum of money…