La stanza (The Guest Room)
dir. Stefano Lodovichi – 86 min. – fiction
Italy, 2020


Director: Stefano Lodovichi
Production: Lucky Red
Producers: Andrea Occhipinti
Cast: Guido Caprino, Camilla Filippi, Edoardo Pesce, Romeo Pellegrini


On a rainy autumn morning, Stella is on the verge of throwing herself out of the window in her wedding gown, when someone knocks at the door. It’s a soaked stranger claiming he reserved a room for the night. Impossible, Stella thinks. But outside, it’s raining like crazy. The stranger asks for a glass of water. He’s also charming. It almost makes her forget her desire to die so violently. She invites him in. The stranger quickly makes himself at home and starts talking to her as if he’s known her for ages. The return of Stella’s ex-husband, the man who broke her heart, transforms this strange, static atmosphere into sudden and unexpected chaos…