Best Animated Short Film Silver Ribbon Nominated @ Nastri d’Argento 2014
Best Short Film and Best Script @ Cortinametraggio 2014
31st Torino International Film Festival – Torino Film Lab 2012
18th Seoul International Cartoons and Animation Film Festival 2012

dir. Federico Tocchella – 15 min. – fiction/animation
Italy, 2012


Director: Federico Tocchella
Production: tfilm
Producers: Federico Tocchella
Cast: Anatol Sassi, Mattia Baldelli, Leonardo Russo, Giovanni Calcagno, Vanessa Scalera, Valeria Ghignone, Jaon Macalpin Gunn, Salvatore Guzzo, Mario Cenciarelli, Maria Ricciardella


A child is in the park playing with his plasticine figures, that he modeled himself. His favorite character is Isaac. Isaac is a little boy just like he is, who dreams, hopes and confides in the world. Isaac is happy because this is the day he will accompany his father on the mountains to help him out. Isaac’s father is named Abraham. The story the child is staging is “Isaac’s Sacrifice”.