36th Torino International Film Festival 2018

Drive me home
dir. Simone Catania
Italy, 2018


Director: Simone Catania
Production: Inthelfilm
Cast:Marco D’Amore,Vinicio Marchioni, Lou Castel, Jennifer Ulrich, Chiara Muscato, Nicola Adobati
Music as Air Kanada (G. Giampà, D. Tomat, G. Ottino, A. Portioli, M. Borgna)


Antonio and Agostino grew up together in a small town in Sicily; they dreamt of living a different life, somewhere else. Now thirty-year-olds, they both live abroad but they lost touch years ago. When Antonio discovers that the house he grew up in, which had been empty for a long time, is about to be sold at auction, he decides to leave and reconnects with his childhood friend. But their lives have changed a lot. Old conflicts and new revelations bring them through Europe on a truck journey.