Prix de la Meilleure Musique (Best Music) at Canneseries 2022
Canneseries 2022 Official Selection

dir. Stefano Lodovichi – 6 ep. – television series
Italy, 2022


Showrunner: Stefano Lodovichi
Directors: Stefano Lodovichi, Roberto Saku Cinardi
Created by: Enrico Audenino, Valerio Cilio, Roberto Saku Cinardi
Production: ASky Studios, Lucky Red, Newen Connect
Producers: Mattia Guerra, Stefano Massenzi, Andrea Occhipinti
Cast: Edoardo Pesce, Silvia D’Amico, Giordano De Plano, Antonio Bannò, Francesco Colella, Lina Sastri, Claudio Santamaria


Christian lives in a “city-palace” where he earns his living doing dirty work for Lino, the criminal boss of neighborhood. When stigmata appear on his hands, Christian finds physically impossible to carry out his work, but also discovers he has gained mysterious healing powers to fight against Lino. But Matteo, a mysterious Vatican postulator in search of signs and confirmations, is tracking him down bringing too close to a truth that could upset his life and that of the whole world.